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In light of RETRO PROPERTY RENTAL, which has several apartment and restaurant units for rent in the heart of Subic municipality, Zambales, comes with a bundled tweak and perk to also have owned a car rental business that has been in operation since 2017. The car rental business operates with just word of mouth circulating among friends who are in need of a car to go places, but is limited to just close friends and family. Over the years of operating in this manner, words got out very quickly, and before we knew it, we were receiving phone calls from unfamiliar people with a declaration of being referred to by one of our close friends. Facebook, needless to say, has been our "go-to “ verification check for the person proclaiming who they say they really are, as well as through friends that back up their claim, so that we can rent out our vehicle with confidence.
One year ago, two years ago, we bought two more vehicles and put them in operation right away. Our network of familiar clients grew, and we became familiar with how we should charge renters in reference to the destination they will travel to. At this point of growing demand for vehicles during peak season, we started to tap friends and family's vehicles to see if they were willing to earn money off their private vehicles for trusted clients only. The business structure for using other people's vehicles under our name took off, prompting us to use a digital platform to even propel and reach more clients and significantly get business partners who are willing to front their vehicle as a car money-making machine. Fast forward: Retro Car Rental was born to meet the demand in Subic and nearby towns.

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